Missing Classmates

This list of "Missing Classmates" are considered to be all those Classmates with 'No Email' address or 'No street address entered into our system

If you know where these Classmates are please share our web address with them: http://www.southside64.com

If you know the Email Address for any Classmate below you can click on the Classmate's name to quickly send an email invitation to them from our site. Or if you know the Street Address for any Classmate below, please let us know via the "contact us" link to the left.  We are waiting to give them a Big Hugg.





Sharon Baker
Darlene R. Bauer (Williams)
Jeffrey J. Bloom
Patricia L. Brown
Cheryl R. Cale
Roberta C. Clauser (Bennett)
Margaret A. Cox (Faulkner)
Karen L. Dimmick (Edsall)
Phyllis A. Dorsett (Cook)
Joyce A. Dunn (King)
Diana L. Freeman
Janet Fuelling (Lee)
Pauline M. Gomez
James H. Gordon
Stephan T. Gordon
Linda L. Hicks (Pierce)
Thomas R. Hollingsworth
L. Joy Horner
Marjorie A. Hubbard (Willingham)
Larry G. Ingram
Lynne E. Kelley
Ann Markland (Zehn)
Terry L. McDonald
Sandra S. Meese
Sandra K. Meyer (Gallmeyer)
David T. Munson
Lois A. Palmer
Dana S. Pippin
John M. Powers
Elizabeth Richter
Susan I. Robinson (Wareing)
Bette L. Rogers
Carol Schluesemeier
Barbara J. Shadle (Deardorff)
Suzi Liane Steegman
Patricia Van Patten
Gordon B. von Gonten
Mary Jo Weidner (Presnell)
Jan Wening (Latimer)
Robert A. Williams
Jerry W. Young

Guest Members

Dennis Bocock