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How to use All About Archers

How to use "All About Archers" Link: 

In the First Black Box on the Left Side of the Home Page,

Click the new LINK called:


This link contains our new Message Forum which has many Topics about which you can comment.

To Make a Comment
1. Underneath the word "Forum",
             Click the Forum you would like to view. 
2. Underneath the word "Topic",
             Click a Topic to view or to comment on.
example Topic:Nostalgia
(At the top of the Comment Box is a subject line in which to type the subject of your comment.)
3. If you wish to comment on another classmate's comment, 
             Click  Reply (see at bottom of the classmate's comment.)
4. In the "Comment Box" provided (large white area),
            Type your comment.
6.   At the bottom of the "Comment Box", 
            Click Save.
Always click "Reply" to see comment box. When finished with message, always click "Save".

To Post a New Topic


Click the new LINK called:


Click Message Forum


1.  In small green box (either top or bottom of page)

               Click Post New Topic

2.  In "Title Box",

                Type the title of your new topic

                           example: Harrison Hill Pictures

3.  In "Comment Box" (large white area)

               Type your comments or

               Post your pictures

4.  In small green box at bottom of page,

               Click Save

           When finished with message, always click "Save".