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Be A Tourist .....



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Has It Been Awhile
Since You’ve Been Back
To Where You Grew-Up?

Even If You Still Live Here,
Betcha Haven’t Taken A
Real Good “Look-See”
Around Town, 

What’s Happened

Fort Wayne’s Thumbprint

  Be A Tourist In Your Own Hometown

Fun Facts About Us:

Welcome to Fort Wayne!

Welcome to Fort Wayne, Indiana's second largest city. Welcome from all our 230,000 plus citizens.

Welcome to Fort Wayne, named for General "Mad" Anthony Wayne, who built a fort at the confluence of three rivers in 1794. You can visit a full-scale replica of the original fort (on the river near Headwaters Park) that commemorates our city's pioneer heritage and spirit!

Welcome to where Johnny Appleseed is actually buried and honored with a fall, pioneer festival.

Welcome to the America's #1 minor sports league city, according to a 2007 issue of Street & Smith's Sports Business Journal.

Welcome to the city whose inventions include the washing machine, baking powder, calculator, juke box, television, breathalyzer, and refrigerator. Welcome to the city where stereo sound, the garbage disposal, magnetic wire, streetlights and the gasoline pump were first created and manufactured.

Welcome to the site of the first night baseball game played under the lights. Welcome to the birthplace of the NBA Detroit Pistons. Welcome to the home of the Fort Wayne Daisies - the professional women's baseball team featured in the movie, "A League of Their Own."

Welcome to the home of America's largest, public genealogy research library.

Welcome to the city with nicknames and accolades of the City of Churches, City of Restaurants, the Summit City, the City that Saved Itself, and named an All-American City - 3 times!

Welcome to the city that placed near the top as a best golf town in Golf Digest magazine's 2005 Best Golf Towns in America rankings.

 Welcome to the city with a library ranked in the top 10 in the nation for the sixth year. The Allen County Public Library was ranked ninth in the nation – for libraries serving a population of 250,000 to 499,999 – by Hennen’s American Public Library Rating Index II.

Welcome to the city with the most affordable housing market in five countries (the United States, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom), according to the 3rd Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Study in 2007.

Welcome to the city with Arts United, the third oldest united nonprofit arts fund in the United States and the second largest arts council in the State of Indiana.

Welcome to the city that was featured in a February issue of Sports Illustrated magazine after Indianapolis Colt's head coach Tony Dungy mentioned us as a great place to play Super Bowl XLI.


     Makes Us A City With

            "ROOM FOR DREAMS"!


Fort Wayne boasts a low cost of living that consistently ranks below the national average, making it possible for residents to own their dream homes. Top-notch medical care is available for five area hospitals boasting cutting edge cancer and heart centers. Combine the progressive business climate, solid educational opportunities, affordable living and vibrant entertainment options, and you’ll discover why there is "Room for Dreams" in Fort Wayne. We are constantly being praised for our high quality/low cost of living and for our thriving business community. Just a few recent awards include:

Most Affordable Housing Market - We are proud to be the city with the most affordable housing market in six countries (the United States, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom), according to the 3rd Annual Demographic International Housing Affordability Study in 2007.

5-Star Quality of Life Community 2001 — The Fort Wayne MSA ranked as one of the premier communities in which to live. Factors that were considered include standard of living, adult education, housing affordability, workforce employability and peace of mind.

Best Cities to Earn and Save Money —Ranked 2nd among top 125 U.S. metropolitan areas by The ReliaStar Financial Security Index in 1999.

Most Digital City — In 2003, the city received a first place award from the Center for Digital Government’s Digital Cities Survey. The survey honors the City for utilizing information technology to streamline operations and deliver quality services to citizens. Fort Wayne placed first in its population category. In 2002, Fort Wayne received third place in the survey; in 2001 the City tied for tenth

.Two All-America City Awards—Given to just 10 cities across the nation annually, the All-America awards recognize quality urban living. Fort Wayne was a winner in 1998 and 1983.

Two City Livability Awards—This award is presented by the US Conference of Mayors. The city won one of five 1999 City Livability Outstanding Achievement Awards from the US Conference of Mayors. We also won this award in 1983.

Financially Secure—The March 1, 1999, issue of Business Week magazine lists Fort Wayne second among the United States' top 125 metropolitan areas for financial security. The ranking is based on a report by ReliaStar Financial Corp. Fort Wayne - Ranked as the BEST place to retire.

Best Place to Live—Money Magazine's 1998 annual ranking showed Fort Wayne as 4th in its category nationwide among the 300 best places to live in the nation.

Best Practices in Housing and Community Development Award — A recognition given by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, HUD recognized the City of Fort Wayne with this award that recognizes the importance of neighborhood input into City planning.

World-Class Manufacturing Community —An analysis done by Industry Week Magazine cites Fort Wayne as one of the top 25 "world-class manufacturing communities" in the nation. The business publication evaluated 315 U.S. cities.

So, What Do We Mean When We Say The "Thumbprint" of  DOWNTOWN Fort Wayne Has Changed?  Take A MinuteTo Remember What It Was Like To "GO DOWNTOWN":

REMEMBER ... Shopping At Nobbsons or Golden's Men's Wear? What about Grabbing A 'Glorified Hamberger' At Gardners? Or A 'Slim Jim" & 'Frosty At The Hobby House?  We All Recall G. C. Murghy's Soda Fountain Or Who Could Forget Their  DONUTS ~ You could see them being Made From Outside The Windows.  Everyone Shopped At Wolf & Dessar's ~ We All Remember Standing In The Cold Peering Into The Facinating Christmas Window Displays With All The Moving Elves.  Remember Howards, Patterson Fletchers, Schick's Camera Store?

 If you want a 'Taste' of what it's like to be a "Visitor" in SSHS's Home City "fast-forwarded" to 2009,

 One of the Newest ‘Big Deals’ about FW, is the new BASEBALL STADIUM (“Parkview Field”) & the Harrison Square Complex that are RIGHT ‘Smack-Dab’ in the middle of Downtown!!



2.)     One of the Newest ‘Big Deals’ about FW, is the new BASEBALL STADIUM (“Parkview Field”) & the Harrison Square Complex that are RIGHT ‘Smack-Dab’ in the middle of  Downtown!!

Pls. Go to & CLICK:  WWW.Tin Caps.COM

  Once there, UNDER  the Right-hand Black Box that says,  “TinCaps ~ Select Video” …. Click    * “on FIELD BEING INSTALLED” 



Pls. Go to & CLICK: WWW.Tin Caps.COM
Once there, UNDER the Right-hand Black Box that says, “TinCaps ~ Select Video” …. Click “ * “on “FIELD BEING INSTALLED”






Go to  & Click:  www.grandwayne.com ,

Then  Click “Our Space” and choose the “360 degrees”; that will give you a good feel of what the site will do.

.)      Place Curser on ‘ft. wayne info’ & on Drop-Down Dark Green BAR ~ Go to “History” ……. Then, “Map” and Click “Interactive”

         d.)        Genealogy” ~ go back up to Light Green TAB toward right-side.   While there, be sure to do the “Virtual Tour”